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Women keep worrying me on WhatsApp- Kidi reveals why he kept changing his phone numbers

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November 06, 2019

Lynx entertainment singer and award winner, Kidi has decried how his female fans are sometimes possessive and make him feel terrible when he refuses to reply their messages.

Kidi ,who has become a household name after his short stint on the MTN hit-maker ,got signed by Richie Mensah of Lynx entertainment.

The ”Odo” hit-maker has enjoyed fame and what it comes with since then and one would think he finds pleasure in all that his new fame has found.

But speaking to Afua Pokua on her Vim Talk Show ,Kidi born Dennis Nana Dwamena detailed how self entitled his fans feel and why he has kept changing his phone numbers to deter and control his fans.

“I appreciate the fact that I get all the love from fans and all of that, but sometimes it gets tiring when you get so many messages on social media. On WhatsApp I’m even thinking of changing my number…”

“The problem is, some get too extra. Some will even fight you; first, it starts in a friendly manner and then the next thing you know, they’re crucifying you and making you feel bad because you did not reply to their messages. The women especially, sometimes they are possessive and feel entitled…” he added.

He also added that some fans harass him by sending him messages on all social media platforms and even his mail and going as far as to track his friends so that they can get into contact with him.

Kidi has songs song as Sugar, Adeipena, Odo etc

Watch the full interview below:

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