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Xandy Kamel lauds Nigerian brands over Ghanaian brands and this is why

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November 28, 2019

Ghanaian actress and social media brand influencer, Xandy Kamel has shared light on why Nigerian businesses are usually successful than their counterparts in Ghana

According to the blunt speaking actress, unlike Ghana where companies takes into consideration the behavior and history of their influencers, most Nigerian brands don’t but instead, they look at the market reach of the celebrity and how they will positively affect their brand revenues.

She highlighted Bobrisky and Tacha as some of the most influential celebrities who have helped brands achieve success even though they have their names soiled in one bad story or the other.

She made her thoughts known in a video on her instagram page.


Xandy Kamel over the years has built a nitch for herself and has become one of Ghana’s most followed celebrities on Instagram making quite a living of it

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