The internet beef between Moesha Boduong and her fellow actress Salma Mumin seems not to be ending anytime soon.

During the week, Salma Mumin granted an interview in which she disclosed that her friendship with Moesha has come to an end before the latter teased her on social media when she travelled to turkey for a buttocks surgery.

Well, Moesha Budoung has also come out to tell her side of the story.

According to the curvy actress, who gained popularity because of the size of her buttocks, Salma Mumin is someone she grew up with and used to be her friend but salma created a pseudo account to ridicule her daily on social media for doing an ass job.

Moesha Boduong went on to reveal that, Salma Mumin was just bitter because her attempt to get the same procedure done for her wasn’t successful.

She took to Instagram and said

Salma, you used to be my best friend,we even lived in the same house together, we growing apart doesn’t mean u are my enemy. But I honestly also don’t want you as my friend!! because u were never a good friend to me,you always talked and insulted me behind my back and faked with me…so pls keep my name out of ur mouth and stop using my name as a bait in any silly fake comment u see on ig!! I don’t have ur time to create fake pages so pls stop being a hypocrite!! U posted on ig shaming girls who did thier bodies but went to turkey to do yours and u are bitter because u didn’t get the result u wanted!! So stop pretending!! This an evidence of you shading other women in the past !! I wish you well.”

Clearly , we are not seeing the end of this beef.