A popular Sarkodie fan who got a follow back from the rapper way back in 2018, got the shock of his life when the rapper mistakenly allow his emotions get the best out of him and dissed him like crazy.

It all started when a Shatta Wale fan used the DP of the Known sark fan, Sark Neba, and called Sarkodie “Akwasia”, meaning a foolish person.

Instead of ignoring the fan like he always do, Sarkodie chose to give him the reply of his life by using his picture to diss him.

What Sarkodie didn’t know was, the Picture was rather his number one fan, Sark Neba.

Sarkodie said

“Wo maame ato efunu coat s3 Tw3n na wo wuaa y3 de adedawo Wo de gyina Twitter y3 ayes3m”

The above words written in Twi mean: “Your mom has bought you a coat for your funeral and you’re flexing with it on Twitter.”

See the screenshot below:

Sark Neba realising his boss actually didn’t actually know him after his so many years of social media loyalty still didn’t give up and wrote

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