Wendy Shay, Ama K. Abrebrese
Wendy Shay, Ama K. Abrebrese

Singer Wendy Shay has sent a subtly jibe at Actress Ama K. Abebrese over her recent comments concerning her call for a protest against the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Gaming Commission of Ghana decision to ban influencers from being used by alcoholic beverages companies and Betting companies.

The Gaming Commission of Ghana, yesterday took a cue from the FDA and issued a guideline that seems to sideline celebrities and influencers with a huge numbering in Ghana from being used by Betting companies in advertising their products. This according to the commission , was to sanitize the environment and prevent the youth from engaging in these products as a result of seeing their celebrities engaged in them.

The Rufftown singer who has been a lone warrior in the battle to get these guidelines revoked , made a tweet stating her intention of suing the two institution and seemingly called out to her fellow celebrities who have been hurt by this directive to speak out.

Actress Ama K. Abrebrese fired back with her tweet comparing the stance taken by Wendy Shay and others to that of the ENDSARS protest going on in Nigeria and tried to paint a picture of trivial priorities existing in Ghana.

This seems to have caught the attention of Wendy Shay though she did not addressed it directly, her tweet is deemed as a response to Ama.

She tweeted “#EndSARS is PoliceBrutality. FDA and Gaming commission’CareerBrutality’, yes! everyone has the right to protest these ppl are killing the showbiz industry but a GH celeb will support ENdSARS and condem the FDA/Gaming comission protest. Such an Irony, hypocrites! Ghana wake up!”