Radio show producer and blogger Eugene Osarfo Nkansah has responded to the insults he and his wife, Victoria Labene received from Yvonne Nelson yesterday when he posted a screenshot of a troll the actress received on Twitter to his page

According to the renowned blogger, Yvonne Nelson is someone who lacks emotional intelligence and for someone who has plans to enter into politics and studying in GIMPA, she needs to have some emotional IQ to compose herself. Eugene further opine that, he was only doing his job when he posted the comments on his page and if Yvonne had a problem with it, she should have reported it to the police instead of insulting him.

After the Cardi B brouhaha had occurred, Yvonne Nelson took to twitter to advice her followers to know their worth. A troll replied to her post by asking her if she knew her worth before getting pregnant for a married man.

This response went viral and Eugene Nkansah took a screenshot and posted it on her page. This triggered Yvonne Nelson and she took the blogger on by wishing her marriage with the wife last.

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